Friday, September 20, 2013

This is what Hell might be like

This seriously happened yesterday. In my yard. While I was sitting on my porch.

I cannot stress to you exactly how many birds were actually right above my head.

I have no idea how I survived this. None.


Jill said...

This happens fall and spring here. In fact I had a window open the other day and wondered why it sounded like screeching metal on metal and then realized it was just the blackbirds (grackles, etc) migrating. Sometimes they land in the yard and it is CREEPY but we have enough woods that this time they just plopped there instead. Sounded just the same as yours, though. They'll move on in a day or two. You must have a good resting spot!

CarBar said...

Thats so freaky!

CarBar said...

That is seriously freaky!

Bethany said...

Want me to come over and clear them out like Shelby's dad did before her wedding?