Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yeah, probably.

So I don't usually get to watch The Biggest Loser when it's on. That's okay with me because I really like to fast-forward through all the commercials and also the EXTREMELY DRAMATIC weigh-in session which takes like twenty-five minutes and is so ridiculous.

Or at least, I used to.

Before I discovered the joy of my new secret boyfriend, Sam.

Please let me assure you that this photo does not do justice to the hotness that is Sam.

In fact? Even though I'm probably a dirty old woman because I'm a good ten years older than him and drool over him and his rapidly developing six pack on a weekly basis, I've even changed my television watching habits because of the sheer hotness that is, in fact, Sam.

Mainly, when they start to do the dramatic weigh-in and even though I know it's coming, I just let it play. No fast-forwarding.

Boy Child, as is typical, noticed. Even asked why I wasn't fast-forwarding. And because I'm clearly the best mom ever of all time I told him,

"So I can stare at Sam's chest some more."

To which he replied,

"God, mom. Get another hobby."

I'm thinking that's probably a good idea.


Jessalee said...

Sam really is quite scrumptious and delicious, isn't it????!

Jessalee said...

Dude! And I've LOOOOOOONG suspected that he and Stephanie are a couple on the show. And guess what I just read?? Sherry from the show confirming it!

Angie said...

Please don't tell BC about my (our) obsession with Vincent?! Not sure I can handle the humiliation.

CPA Mom said...

I just wanted to tell you (you probably know already from my FB stream from a few weeks ago though) that he is Stephanie.

It's nice to watch him develop though! Hot is right! (not a bad hobby to have)