Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yet another reason I married him

So I got my eyebrows waxed yesterday and so far it's been the highlight of my week. Forcibly having hair ripped from my face with hot wax has been the best part of my week so far. Let that sink in.

Anyway, I came home and told my husband about how happy I was (even though my eyebrow lady said, "Okay honey. You come back sooner next time!". Again) and my son (who also had his uni-brow waxed because, you know. Manscaping) made some comment about how it hurt. So naturally my husband sang, to the tune of the John Mellencamp classic "Hurts so good":

It hurt so good!
Come on Steffy, did it hurt so good?
Now your BROWS look like they SHOULD
Because it...hurt so good!

Then he was extraordinarily pleased with himself. For like four hours.

Enjoy, in honor of that crazy man I can't help but love.


Dawn said...

LOL that's awesome. I admire people who can turn any situation into an adaptation of a popular song. It's something I very much enjoy doing myself.

And I'm glad you have kickass brows now!

perdido said...

I tell my girls all the time "Beauty is pain" lol

Anonymous said...

I would be the one, in our house, rewriting the lyrics to fit the moment. No one else appreciates me. Oh well...
But yes, I'm now thinking I should have had a wax so this week could have had some redemption. What was with this week anyway? (and people. What's with all the people and their crap???) anyway... I hope your weekend is FULL of awesome remixed 80's tracks, to fit each unique occasion, and genuine good feelings.